Fans: Brees was locked in, being flawless and breaking records


Saints quarterback Drew Brees performance against the Colts was a night Saints fans will never forget.  Fans could not stop talking about how well number 9 played, and it seemed to be contagious, affecting the rest of the team.  

We caught up with some fans right after the game ended. 

"I was just glad to see him break that record, man that was awesome," said one fan.  "I'm 81-years-old and I can say I saw history." 

"It was unbelievable, Drew was in the zone," said this elated Saints fan.  

"Oh it was great, Drew Brees, he was locked in," said this man.  "He was ready for this game and we needed this win, and he did it." 

"He was awesome, very awesome," said this woman.  "He was on the money for this one."  

"He is the GOAT, that's what Teddy Bridgewater said, and if Bridgewater said it, it must be true," said another fan.   

Now we take on the Titans next Sunday.  

"Well, if we keep playing like that we can beat anybody," said this Who Dat. 

The Saints and Titan battle it out Sunday at noon.