Cantrell: 'Not fair' to punish all for some 'bad actors'

Mayor LaToya Cantrell

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell has posted a video to social media saying that she is stepping up enforcement of rules to help prevent coronavirus spread during a spike in activity.  She says they are trying to avoid widespread community spread.

"We have been there before, we can go back there again," Cantrell insisted. "If we do not practice personal responsibility and adhere to the mandates that are tied to this emergency declaration, we can go back."

Cantrell said a taskforce is targeting what she calls "bad actors" in hopes of getting compliance or shutting them down, so she doesn't have to go back to more restrictions.

"We want to deal with the bad actors," the mayor explained. "If one business acts up, then you close them all?  No!"

The taskforce is made up of NOPD, Code Enforcement, State Fire Marshal deputies and Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control agents.

"I am not going to penalize everyone because of one bad actor or two bad actors.  It's not fair."