Causeway safety rails a work in progress

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Drivers headed southbound on the Causeway might be noticing areas where the guardrails are missing.

But there's nothing to fear. It's just work in progress.

Causeway General Manager Carlton Dufrechou explained. "The southbound Causeway bridge got the new rails, they're being erected and we've got about a mile of them on the very northern end of the bridge on the western side,'' said Dufrechou

Should drivers be worried about the lack of a railing as the work continues?

''It was strictly there as a hand rail for you and me and any humans that were standing on the curb in case of emergency to stay out of the roadway,'' Dufrechou said. 

He adds that's the reason there have been many of the problems with the "overboards" going southbound.

Dufrechou says the work is being done at night and drivers should see a signifcant difference by August, as workers continue putting up the new safety rails in 60 foot sections like an assembly line.