Chef John Folse chats with Scoot about lifetime achievement award, his start and more


Chef John Folse received the Ella Brennan Lifetime Achievement award from the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience Wednesday night at a ceremony honoring the Louisiana native's long a successful career.

"I thinking about starting off as a young chef down in the swamps of Louisiana dreaming of all the icons of the industry here in New Orleans," Folse said. "Like Ella Brennan, like Leah Chase, these chefs... Paul Prudhomme... people you wouldn't even think you'd ever meet and all of a sudden you find your self standing in the places where they've stood being honored in places where they were honored and think to yourself how in the world did you get here. It's impossible."     

Folse chatted with WWL Radio host Scoot about the honor, his start in cooking and much more. 

Watch the video above to see the full interview.