Chilly night ahead, light freeze northshore

New Orleans skyline
Photo credit CrackerClips-Getty

It's going to get quite chilly in the overnight hours, with a light freeze north of the lake and patchy frost south of the lake.  People will need to protect their plants, pets and people on both sides of the lake tonight. 

"Look for sunny skies and cool weather Thursday as temperatures stay in the 50s," said WWL-TV meteorologist Payton Malone.  "Thursday night north of the lake, look for middle 30s with some patchy frost. South of the lake, temperatures fall to about 40 degrees." 

Our area could see some showers across the metro New Orleans area because of low pressure in the Gulf.

"No severe weather is expected, and even thunderstorms may be hard to come by on Saturday," Malone added.  "It'll mainly be showers and staying cool in the 50s." 

A few more showers are possible on Sunday, although it looks like any rain could end by the evening. 

Here is the complete forecast from WWL-TV:

TONIGHT:Clear and cold! Bundle up! Lows north around 29 with a light freeze and south around 38 with frost - Protect plants, pets and people. Wind NE 5-10 mph.

THURSDAY:Sunny and chilly. Highs around 57. Wind NE 5-10 mph.

FRIDAY:Mostly cloudy and chilly. Lows north around 34 with frost and south around 41. Highs around 59. Wind NE 5-10 mph.

SATURDAY:Cloudy and chilly with a 60% chance for scattered showers. Lows north around 45 and south around 49. Highs around 58.

SUNDAY:Mostly cloudy and cool with a 40% chance for showers mainly early. Lows north around 46 and south around 49. Highs around 60.

MONDAY:Mostly clear and warmer. Lows north around 46 and south around 49. Highs around 65.

TUESDAY - CHRISTMAS EVE:Sunny and warmer. Lows north around 46 and south around 51. Highs around 69.

WEDNESDAY - CHRISTMAS DAY:Partly cloudy and mild.Lows north around 49 and south around 55. Highs around 71.