Coach O is raking in the bonus money, but does he deserve new deal?


LSU football coach Ed Orgeron has the Fighting Tigers 10-0 for the first time since 2011. It's kicked in bonus clauses in his contract, but his base salary is behind more than a couple dozen other college coaches. Is Coach O in for a big raise this off season? 

The last time LSU football was this successful at this point in the season, Barack Obama was a first-term president. But Orgeron just had his contract extended this spring.

"Well he just got one after last season, so that's interesting what they may decide to do here," said LSU columnist Jeff Palermo. "(Athletic Director) Scott Woodward, though, did not give him that contract extension, that was something that (previous Athletic Director) Joe Alleva did."

And if LSU keeps winning, Orgeron will keep adding to his compensation for this year.

"The bonuses are going to be adding up here pretty quick," said Palermo, "and for a guy who's making a base salary of about $4 million, when you put in all these bonuses, he'll be one of the top fifteen highest-paid coaches in college football."