Commander's Palace, Arnaud's layoffs spotlight restaurant troubles

The announcement of layoffs at Commander's Palace and Arnaud's shows just how much the restaurant industry is reeling due to COVID-19. Restaurants have had their revenue hampered in more ways than one.

Restaurants like Commander's and Arnaud's have loyal local followings, but they're also visitor favorites. Then you throw on top of that the ban on to-go alcohol, and it only hurts businesses more.

"You don't think about take-out drinks so much for restaurants, but in this day and age, with what they're going through right now, that was a pretty significant revenue stream," said Times-Picayune | New Orleans Advocate food writer Ian McNulty.

McNulty says the ban on drinks to-go is hurting a lot of the smaller operators. 

"That was a real kick while they were already down," he told WWL's Tommy Tucker. "I understand why the rules were put in place, but the economic impact of it is real."

The city said it had to ban to-go sales because it was leading to too many people hanging out -- not wearing masks or socially distancing.