Recent rains raise questions about unusual downtown New Orleans street flooding


We all know that it floods in New Orleans and plenty of areas get high water all the time, but recent rains have caused flooding in parts of downtown New Orleans that usually remain dry. Water has crept into shops, restaurants, and hotels. Long-time inhabitants are stumped.

Kurt Weigle is president of the Downtown Development District, and he says he is stunned.

"The shocking thing is that I've talked to many dozens of people who have been here their entire lives and they don't remember this kind of flooding happening this frequently," said Weigle.

The debate comes back on whether it's too much rain in a short period time, or bad drainage, or both.

"Thank goodness that we've got businesses that are incredibly resilient," said Weigle. "Some of them have been flooded two or three times just within the last year."

Weigle says there is a dialogue with the Sewerage and Water Board, but he adds something has to be done, and soon.