Coronavirus case numbers likely to go up whether schools open now or later

Schools are set to open this week in Jefferson Parish. Many Catholic schools are returning to classrooms. Public officials say we need to be ready to see increasing coronavirus cases.

Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng says even if the school board decided at the last minute to delay the start of school, once you start bringing more people together, you will have more exposure.

"Any step going back to normal, we have to be realistic: We're going to get a bump up," Sheng told WWL's Tommy Tucker. "We're going to have an uptick in cases. The school board understands that. I think everyone understands that."

Sheng said even though she'd prefer school to hold off on in-classroom learning until new cases shrink, she said the parish will be ready to lend whatever assistance it can offer.

"I want success no matter which way, and if the school board decides to start this week, which seems to be the case, we're going to partner with them," said Sheng.