This bug isn't really called by the name you've probably been using for it

Spring is here, and a lot of people have noticed that with it are coming some unwanted and kind of creepy visitors.

That narrow body, suspended from beating wings, with long, gangly legs hanging behind it -- what is that thing? No, it's not a giant mosquito. and it's not a mosquito predator, either, despite some people mistakenly labeling the crane fly a "mosquito hawk."

"Dragonflies are 'mosquito hawks.' Crane flies don't feed as adults," said LSU entomologist Tim Schowalter. 

Schowalter says the crane fly is mostly harmless.

"The larvae of the crane flies feed on grass roots," he explained. Like a lot of creepy-crawlers and creepy-flyers, spring time brings them out in the open.

"They've matured now, the weather's warming up, they're emerging as flies and looking for mates and new places to lay eggs," Schowalter said. 

But it is a little icky if you have to sweep their dried up body parts out of the corners of your home.