Crawfish crop looks good so far

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LSU Ag Center Aquaculture Specialist Greg Lutz has some good news crawfish fanatics: this year’s crop is lookin pretty good. Despite some topsy-turvy weather lately, he says all the conditions are ripe for a solid, but not record setting year for size and supply.

“We’ve got everything we need so far. We had good survival over the summer for the adults, we had good reproduction in the fall, and we’ve got young crawfish out there.”

Winter weather has rocked back and forth, but hasn’t been as brutally cold as last year. Lutz says we’re still likely a bit away from the ideal water temperatures for mud bug growth, but it’s likely not too far off.

“We like to see that water temperature around 60 to 65 degrees during the nighttime hours. That means they are going to be active, they are going to be growing.”

Lutz wants to remind folks that no matter how the season goes, and no matter what the price or availability is, don’t blame the trappers who bring the supply in every year, blame Mother Nature.

“I think that’s why we see some of these price issues, and supply and demand issues that can cause a little frustration when you are looking for crawfish and you cannot find them.”