Embattled Nyx founder offers "reconciliation plan"

The Mystic Krewe of Nyx co-founder and captain, Julie Lea, is offering a three-step reconciliation plan, after causing a near-mutiny in the krewe with a social media post that featured the hashtag "#AllLivesMatter," The Times-Picayune | New Orleans Advocate reports.

In a letter to the editor of The Times Picayune | New Orleans Advocate, Lea outlined her plan to reunite the krewe.

‘When some of our members asked me to offer a message of unity during these troubled times, in my heart I thought of all of our members — of every race, creed and nationality sharing the common bond we share in our parade and at our events; the common bond of sisterhood. I viewed the picture of a black child and a white child as emblematic of the hugs we share with our fellow members. I thought it was unifying to say that all lives matter because our souls have no color. As I said in my letter and video of apology, I was ignorant to the fact the phrase “all lives matter” is offensive.
The letter continues, ‘We are an organization that accepts every woman. The well-intentioned message of unity was rejected. I offered an apology letter and video to those I hurt, which some accepted and some rejected.
So where do we go from here? What is the Krewe’s future?
We will implement a three-step plan.

  • Step one: Seek the help of a professional facilitator to host a listening event for our members who would like to have their voices heard.
  • Step two: Form a diversity committee as an ongoing way to listen to the perspectives of our members.
  • Step three: Acknowledge that while our organization may be smaller, we will continue to be a Krewe of sisterhood. We will stand together arm in arm in support of each other, acknowledging our differences make us stronger, with love and respect in our hearts. We will remain dedicated to each other and continue to do good works in our community.’

"All lives matter" is a phrase often used as a critical rebuttal of "black lives matter," and Lea's use of it led to dozens of krewe officers resigning in protest and several dancing troupes declaring they would no longer march in Nyx.

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Nyx's charter is set up so that Lea cannot be removed by krewe members, and she has rebuffed calls to resign.

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According to the report, Lea intends to hold a "listening event," and to create a diversity committee within Nyx. The third step appears to be moving forward with a smaller krewe. Not more than ten years old, Nyx quickly grew its membership to become the largest parading organization of Carnival.