An offseason workout helped Emmanuel Sanders get acclimated to Saints


After the New Orleans Saints signed receiver Emmanuel Sanders this past offseason, quarterback Drew Brees flew out to Denver to work out with the veteran.

"It was good. It was really good for me,” Sanders said. “Sometimes a lot of people, they talk about the X's and O's, but moving to a whole new city and you don't know any guys on the when Drew came out, it kind of made me feel good to know at least when I show up in the locker room, I already had gotten acclimated with him.”

Sanders didn't know it at the time, but Brees wasn't the only future teammate he'd work with that day. Sanders said Brees asked him to bring another receiver  to the workout, so Sanders called his longtime friend and former teammate Bennie Fowler, who the Saints later signed. 

"Drew ended up liking Bennie, the way that he ran routes.  He's a big receiver and so now he's at camp with me as well," Sanders said. "So that's pretty cool."

That workout session is one of the main reasons Sanders feels like quickly acclimating to his new team and is excited to learn more of the offense.

He credits receivers coaches Curtis Johnson and Ronald Curry for helping him get up to speed with the Saints offense.

"I think that the schedule that the Saints have set up to get me acclimated with it... as well...has been good," Sanders said. "We've been having walkthroughs in the afternoon, which has been really good to get that timing down.  Even though it's not full even run through those routes. Then in the morning, the following day,  Drew (Brees) will come in and sit in the meetings and tell us what he's thinking...and the whole nine it's been really good.

Sanders said he and Fowler have also been putting in extra time after workouts as well.

He's also been impressed with his new teammates particularly Brees.

"We ran routes the past two days and Drew wants to end with a post ball every single time," Sanders said.  "I'm running, I'm running full out, fast as I can and he's putting it out there on the money.  So his arm strength is there," continued Sanders. "Drew doesn't look like he's 41.  I'm just going to put it that way.  I mean, the way this guy works.  The only thing that looks 41 is his mind. And that's a beautiful thing you can say," sanders said.

Even with the restrictions in place to combat the spread of Covid-19, Sanders said he's enjoying his experience with the Saints. 

"I think the whole process has been good," Sanders said. "It's been smooth and, truthfully, one thing about football players in general, we go through so much from the injuries, from being traded midseason to just sometimes we're the best at midstream and adjusting.  So, we're doing our best and I don't see it getting on anyone's nerves. Truthfully, we're just out here trying to win."