First fall-weather game of the season awaits when LSU plays Florida

The anticipation for the LSU/Florida game is building.

It's the first LSU HOME game versus an SEC opponent, and you can bet Tiger Nation is ready to geaux. With this likely to be the first weekend of fall weather, fans have been making sure they have cool-weather apparel.

"Kinda keepin' an eye on the weather to see what kind of conditions they have," said P.J. Lailhengue, owner of Mike's Den on the Northshore. "Anything you can find with purple and gold on it, they want to show their colors for sure."

"Up in Baton Rouge, what the weather's gonna be what they're gonna wear," is what Pam Randazza at the Black and Gold shop says her customers are concerned about.

It's the first in a seven game stretch of SEC games right through the end of the regular season. LSU fans hope to make it eight conference games in a row, if LSU wins the SEC West and plays in the conference championship in Atlanta in December.