LA Fire Marshal: Nearly 700 Louisiana businesses violated COVID-19 rules


Records from the Louisiana Fire Marshal shows nearly 700 businesses across Louisiana have failed coronavirus restriction inspections.

Although the businesses violated at least of Governor John Bel Edwards’ COVID-19 restrictions, a spokesperson for the fire marshal tells WWL First News none of the businesses were cited for the violations.

“Nobody is telling us get away, we’re going to do it our way, that’s just not what we’re finding as we go door to door,” LA Fire Marshal Butch Browning told WWLTV. “We’re finding people who want to do the right thing and they’re scared.”

Browning said of the more than 8,000 restaurants, bars, and other businesses across the state his inspectors visited, roughly 700 businesses had at least one violation.

Violations include; staff members not required to wear a mask, tables not distanced 6 feet apart and gatherings lager than the regulated capacity limit.

“The businesses are doing a phenomenal job,” Browning said. “The businesses that we’ve gone to and found problems that we’ve asked to be corrected is less than 10 percent of the businesses across the state that we visited.”

This all comes as more city police departments become actively involved in enforcing state and local coronavirus restrictions.

In Gretna, police officers shut down two bars for coronavirus violations and Jefferson Parish deputies arrested a woman inside Lakeside Shopping Center for refusing to wear a mask after mall security asked her to comply.

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