Gas prices have steadily come down in October after rising last month


What are gas prices doing at your neighborhood station?  You should be seeing a slow, but steady decline.  After prices jumped in September, October gas prices seem to be coming down.  

"We're now looking at prices about 6 cents cheaper then where we were just a few weeks ago," said AAA's Don Redman.  

Redman says barring anything unforeseen, yes, they should steadily decline at least through October and that's a good thing. 

"Prices on the  statewide average are currently about 2.26 and I know the listeners can already identify gas stations which are now below 2.20 a gallon in some spots,"  he said.  

Still higher than a month ago about a nickel higher, but prices at the pump appear to continue to come down.  And it's so much better than last year, when Redman said we were paying about 2.65 a gallon statewide.  

"I think really 3 dollars a gallon is when people really start changing their habits so we are way off from that," he said.    

Gas prices in New Orleans are currently at 2.24 a gallon.