Global COVID-19 treatment research underway in N.O. region


Global COVID-19 treatment research trials are underway at Ochsner Medical Center in Jefferson Parish.  Ochsner Health teamed up with drug maker Pfizer for the study to help find a way to treat patients who contract the coronavirus.

Local physician Dr. Corey Hebert is an investigator in the Blaze-1 Study, which is a Phase 2 clinical study of an anti-body treatment developed by Eli Lilly and Company.

Call 504-408-1126 if you recently tested positive for COVID-19 and want to take part in the study.

Dr. Corey tells WWL’s Newell Normand, what this research means for the New Orleans region and the fight against COVID-19.

“So, what this is all about is, we know we are working on a vaccine; everybody knows that, but we really don’t have anything except for Remdesivir, to say we are going to treat this as it happens,” Dr. Corey explained to Newell.

“We want to be able to have a drug; where if you get a Covid-19 diagnosis and within three days you can get an infusion, and be straight, be good, and that is what we are doing here,” said Dr. Corey.

Dr. Hebert continues, “If we don’t do clinical trials, and we don’t participate in studies, then we won’t have the answer.  And when we are trying to get the answer, we need people to really step up and do this. I mean, this is done right now at John Hopkins, Massachusetts General Hospital, I mean, this is a big study.  We are just lucky in New Orleans that we were chosen to be able to participate in this because you could get a treatment.”