Governor: River forecasts look improved, Barry will still make lots of rain


Tropical Storm Barry just won't leave. That means a lot of nasty weather remains in the forecast.

"The rain for the rain event is still in many places, to come," said Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Edwards said it was always the rain in Tropical Storm Barry that concerned them, more than storm surge and wind. And much of Barry's heaviest rain is to the south of it, meaning it will follow the slow-moving storm as it heads north through the state.

"This storm still has a long way to go before it leaves the state," said Edwards. "It continues to move too slowly."

Rainfall is spread from the New Orleans area all the way to the Texas line.

Edwards said while the rain will be heavy, the National Weather Service has determined that it won't cause as severe flooding on the state's rives as originally predicted -- but he also said many rivers will still be in major flood stage.

"Even the revised crest heights qualify as major flooding, and presents serious threats to life and to property."