Hebert: 2020 Saints most complete team in franchise history


The Saints have fielded some really good teams over the years. In particular since 1987, when winning football started under coach Jim Mora with our very own Bobby Hebert at quarterback. In 2006, Head Coach Sean Payton produced an NFC Championship contending team. Three years later Payton coached a Super Bowl Championship team.

The Cajun Cannon says even the high octane, talented teams he played on...even Payton's past championship teams...can't compete with the depth of the 2020 Saints. "I think we have the most complete team in Saints history,"  Hebert said as he pounded on his pulpit in the WWL Studio.  This isn't Bobby just trying to make headlines either. Every ounce of football instincts and acumen in his body makes Hebert believe all things are possible for this Saints team, "I think if you take Drew Brees off the Saints right now, we have a pretty good team; we're fighting for a playoff spot. But as great as Drew Brees is...(we can take it all the way). I'm not blowing smoke here," the Cannon added. 

If you look closely at the 2020 Saints, Hebert’s right. He points out more examples, "Special teams, defense, best duo of offensive tackles, cornerbacks.  Look at the linebacker corps along with Alex Anzalone; he's ready to roll with Demario Davis.”

Bobby’s right!  He’s walked in those shoes; Hebert led the Saints to their first ever NFL playoff. Show me a team in Saints history this complete?  All Pro players on offense, defense, and special teams.  Not just Pro Bowl, but All Pro players. 

Now, the Saints just have to prove Bobby Hebert right and bring home the Lombardi Trophy.