If you want crawfish you can find them, but they're small and expensive

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Are you craving the mudbugs yet?   

Crawfish are available and you can find them at an elevated price, of course, but Dr. Greg Lutz with the LSU AG Center says we still have a bit longer to go before we really get into the heart of the season.  

"The problem is our water temperatures are really not warm enough to get a lot of growth," Lutz said.  

But he says if you want the mudbugs, for the most part, you can find them, and the season should only get better.  

"As of right now we are looking at a pretty typical season," he added.  "No red flags, no real cause for concern so people need to get out their boiling pots and their burners and get everything ready."    

When will we really start to see the abundance of crawfish?  

"They're out there, there are some available but I don't think we are going to see the real big availability until what would be a normal typical season come about March, April and May," Lutz said. 

Right after our late Mardi Gras, is when we'll really kick the season into high gear.

Boiled crawfish are running around 6 bucks a pound.  But it may still be hard to find live crawfish, although if you do, they'll be slightly cheaper.