Jefferson Parish gets ready for Sally

Jefferson Parish

Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee-Sheng spoke plainly and directly to the media as she address the Parish’s plans for Hurricane Sally’s arrival in Louisiana.

“What concerned me when I listened to weather briefing this morning, is that they were very clear to say that this is a slower than normal storm, that’s not good for us.  What’s critical there is we will have banding that will hover over us in a slow moving storm,” Sheng said.  “That is a much higher risk of flash flooding, roads being inundated, we have open canals in Jefferson Parish, it doesn’t take much for your car to have all of your wheels off the road and you’re floating next to an open canal.  Very deadly.”

Lee-Sheng indicated the slow moving storm could dump upwards of 20-inches of water. 

“Get ready and stay inside.”

Lee-Sheng announced the Emergency Operations Center will open tomorrow at 7am and have a full activation of the EOC. 

Courts and government offices will close Monday at 2pm. 

Transit will end at 7pm. 

Garbage and recycling will be trying to pick up as much as possible as the weather permits. 

COVID-19 testing at the Alario Center will not take place. 

A community testing site planned for tomorrow will not be open.