Kissing bug bite confirmed in Delaware, the disease carrying insects have long been in Louisiana

We know all about love bugs in Louisiana but what is this "kissing bug" we are hearing about?

After a confirmed report of a "kissing bug" biting a girl in Delaware, people are learning more about the disease spreading insect.  

Victims can suffer swelling on the face at first, then in organs and tissue throughout the body if they contract chagas disease from the bug.

The CDC says the insects have been documented in more than half of the United States from coast to coast but mostly in the south. It's called the kissing bug because it tends to bite humans on the face.

"It goes to the mouth, the eyes, places like that," LSU Entomologist Dr. Dennis Ring explained. ''It bites and sucks blood, and then it defecates, and later on the human will rub the spot and it will rub the pathogen into the blood.''

The CDC says more than 300,000 people have the disease in the United States, but most victims contracted the disease in Latin America, then came the America.

"It's pretty low incidence," according to Ring. "It's much more common in Mexico and Central America."