LA tourism is up as locals opt for 'stay-cations'


The travel industry has taken a huge hit because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Because of that, many Louisianians are opting for a ‘stay-cation’ instead of a ‘vacation’.

“We had our best weekend ever last weekend at our state parks,” said Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser. “Over 20,000 people visited our state parks. And in small communities all over Louisiana, the numbers are starting to come back with local Lousianians seeing a part of Louisiana they haven’t seen.”

Nungesser says RV sales in the state are up 150 percent and many Louisiana state parks are offer a fourth night free to stay-cationers.

While Louisiana is hurting in tourism, Nungesser urges people yearning for a vacation, to explore their own state.

“There is a ton of bed and breakfasts and unique hotels. We need the business, so if Louisiana is to get out, like we do after every disaster, and support those local communities, go see a part of Louisiana you have not seen, I promise you won’t be disappointed,” said Nungesser.

He also says the Louisiana museums, welcome centers and state parks will have masks and hand sanitizers available for travelers and visitors.

“If Louisiana can take the lead we can see our economy come back faster than other states,” Nungesser said.