Landry opinion on mask order appears to end détente with governor in COVID crisis


Louisiana's governor and attorney general are at odds, again, this time over Governor John Bel Edwards' order requiring masks, shutting down bars, and limiting gatherings to no more than 50 people. Attorney General Jeff Landry says it's unenforceable and unconstitutional. 

Loyola University law professor Dane Ciolino is not so sure about the Attorney General's opinion.

"The law in this area is fairly straightforward: the governor has very broad powers under Louisiana law in a state of emergency," Ciolino explained, "to issue proclamations to protect the public safety and health and welfare."

Ciolino said Landry's opinion seems more concerned with how the order could be enforced.

"Given the language chosen by the governor in  this proclamation, it is difficult to discern who is covered by these regulations," he said. "But it really is just going to turn on whether a judge one day believes what the attorney general believes."

Ciolino sad Landry's opinion may be very quotable by like-minded politicians, but carries no legal weight.