Lawmakers in D.C. debate a bill to extend unemployment benefits


Lawmakers in Washington D.C. are working on a bill to extend the federal enhanced unemployment benefits to workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Louisiana senator John Kennedy says the bill will add an additional $200 a week to the state’s unemployment benefits or add federal money equal to two-thirds a worker’s wages they were receiving when they were employed. However, Senator Kennedy believes the bill will not go down easily.

“My guess is that the bill we are going to put on the floor tomorrow, Wednesday at the latest and vote on this week; every democrat will vote against it,” said Kennedy. “And I know there are democrats in the senate who support it but their leadership has told them to oppose it.”

He says it would be up to the states to decide which payment option to use to get the money to workers affected by the pandemic.

Kennedy hopes the bill will be voting on and pass sometime this week.