Louisiana motorists can get a free digital driver's license through May


Louisiana residents who want to carry their driver's license on their smartphones can now do so for free. 

State law offers motorists the option of carrying a digital driver's license on their cellphone, rather than having to carry a physical license in their wallet or purse. And, that option is a bargain this month.

"Right now, LA Wallet is offering people that subscribe to their driver's license on their app to download LA Wallet before May 31st and it will be free. After that, it's $5.99," says Sgt. Melissa Matey, with the Louisiana State Police Public Affairs Section.

The fee is being waived this month only, to encourage more people to use the service designed by the state police and Office of Motor Vehicles.

Sgt. Matey says it may save you some hassle if you leave home without your physical driver's license.

"It's a digital driver's license. So, if you're stopped by law enforcement, you can show your digital driver's license on your cell phone."  

"It's pretty helpful for people that don't necessarily carry their driver's license around with them," says Matey. "For check points or traffic stops or anything like that, they would be able to use the digital driver's license on the LA Wallet app and that would suffice."

She says it's 100 percent legal for driving purposes.

"It's also approved for age-verification required events or purchases. And, it's good for the life of your current physical license registration. When the physical license expires, motorists will have to renew their license with the state and buy a new digital license.

"There are still some situations where you would have to carry it on your person...for airport security or things like that. But, as laws change, or as they continue to update this particular app...if you buy it for free now, then you wouldn't get charged later," Matey says.

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