Governor Edwards: Masks are the new normal


Governor Edwards tells Louisiana residents not to expect major changes with the Phase Two coronavirus guidelines as he expects to extend the mask mandate and bar closure order next week. The current order expires next Friday and Edwards it will likely be extended for another two weeks.

“Seems like we’ve sort of settled in, sort of where we are and so I don’t want people leaning forward-thinking there would be some major change that doesn’t appear likely based on the current data,” said Edwards.

Edwards has been encouraged that the number of COVID-19 patients in the hospital has declined, but he points to Louisiana ranking number one for per capital cases. The governor says the mask mandate is part of the new normal.

“I just people think people need to be prepared to continue with that and by the way it remains a very small price to pay to protect the health of our neighbors and loved ones, ” said Edwards.

Edwards has faced criticism from some Republican lawmakers over the restrictions that have been put on businesses during this pandemic. But Edwards says he’s following the guidance from the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force.

“People complain about my orders, but they never complain about the fact that they are 100% consistent with what the White House is telling states, particularly like Louisiana, this is what you need to do,” said Edwards.