LSU details the path forward in returning to the physical learning atmosphere


LSU outlines a roadmap to the return to physical class settings this fall.  Cleaning, handwashing, and physical distancing will see a continued emphasis.  LSU Interim President Thomas Galligan expects the CDC will also still recommend face coverings, so the university will contribute to that need.

“We will be providing one face mask to every student, faculty, and staff member, but that is one.  So we will be encouraging people to have additional face coverings,” said Galligan.

LSU also plans to test 10 to 16 percent of the population of the campuses statewide for the virus this fall, with voluntary participants selected at random.

“Somebody that tests positive will have physical space where they can isolate from the rest of the population and we will have a contact tracing protocol,” said Galligan.

Anti-body testing will be offered to employees who are returning to campus in phases.  LSU also hopes to launch a mobile app that would include a symptom checker for users and a contact tracing function.

The current plans would see the fall semester starting on schedule.  Galligan says they are exploring the idea of holding physical classes on campus through Thanksgiving, then after the holiday, using online courses to finish the semester.

“I think Thanksgiving is the biggest travel time of the year.  If they travel and then come back, we’re thinking that may increase risk of exposure,” said Galligan.