Summer with sizzle: Tips for grilling beef


With Memorial Day being an unofficial kick-off to summer, many will be grilling today.  A few tips from the pros can make a world of difference in your dining experience.  Cattle Producers of Louisiana CEO Dave Foster says a couple of dollars difference in the cost of meat can make a huge impact.

“That’s where people make their mistakes, they go for the cheaper price per pound and it is a cheaper grade of beef and you do not get that nice tender and juicy and flavorful experience,” said Foster.

There are four major grades of young beef, with prime being the top, followed by choice, then select, then standard.   Foster says retailers may use labeling tricks on standard beef.

“When they say ‘USDA Inspected,’ I can guarantee you it is not prime, it is not choice, and it is not select, so watch out for that as well,” said Foster.

When it comes to his own personal taste, Foster says a good rub can add a lot to the flavor.

“Salt, red pepper, and garlic powder is what I do for a rub and I like my steaks medium rare and I always buy ‘choice’ or better,” said Foster.