Time running out for procrastinating Valentine’s rose buyers

Louisiana Radio Network

Valentine’s Day is Friday so heads up procrastinators, you are running out of time to buy your loved one flowers. Before you sign up for some express delivery or pick up the standard dozen red roses, President of the Louisiana Florists Association Samantha Bates says consider mixing things up.

“When a recipient receives something other than just red roses it shows them that it was thought about, something else was considered instead of just the classic dozen,” said Bates.

She says this year the industry has seen a lot of interest in pinks, purples, and reds mixed together.

And love doesn’t come cheap, so what’s it going to cost to pick up the standard dozen rose bouquet this year from a Louisiana florist?

“I would say an average price range is probably going to be between 95 and 130 (dollars),” said Bates.

Bates says don’t wait until the day of to buy roses as most florists will be out of stock by 12-2 PM tomorrow. Also, if you’re planning on having them delivered to a loved one’s office, do it now.

“If you are ordering on the day of Valentine's Day then you do have a chance of a florist not being able to guarantee a delivery time, which is going to be frequent,” said Bates.