Don, Jr., in Lafayette ahead of visit by the President on Friday

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President Trump visits Louisiana Friday, but his son Don Trump, Jr. will be part of a rally in Lafayette today.  UL Lafayette Poli Sci Professor Pearson Cross says those close to the President are stepping up efforts to unseat Gov. Edwards.

“Sending these surrogates like Vice President Pence and like Donald Trump, Jr. that works really well.  It has almost the same, but not quite the same effect,” said Cross.

Cross says the sons and daughters of this President are more effective in leading political influence than those of other administrations.

“We’ve got Eric, we’ve got Don, we’ve got Ivanka, those are household names to everyone.  They are not some obscure son or daughter, off somewhere.  These are people who, every day people turn on the news and see these people,” said Cross.

Cross says while the message from nationally prominent GOP figures would be a less divided message by endorsing one candidate, the political influence to vote against Edwards is still strong.

“Both Abraham and Rispone have made it quite clear that they stand with Donald Trump, so it is very easy for a Trump surrogate like Donald Trump, Jr. to come down here and say, ‘Hey these are the good guys and John Bel Edwards is the bad guy, vote against him,'” said Cross.

The event begins at noon at the Cajundome Convention Center.  The visit from Trump, Jr. comes following a weekend rally attended by Vice President Pence in Kenner.