Louisiana set to expand who can get medical marijuana

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Photo credit Tinnakorn Jorruang-Getty

A bill that removes many restrictions on who can be prescribed medical marijuana in Louisiana is nearing final legislative passage. 

On a 28-6 vote, the state senate approved the measure that would allow a state-licensed doctor to recommend the treatment for any debilitating health conditions. 

New Iberia Senator Fred Mills assured the Senate this was not an effort to legalize recreational marijuana.

“This is a separate issue totally, it’s strictly a medicinal issue,” said Mills.

Under current law, cannabis can only be used to treat a specific list of diseases or disorders that includes cancer, seizures, Parkinson’s, and PTSD. Mills says this legislation removes those restrictions.

“If you have a debilitating disease you should have an opportunity to be able to get medical marijuana in Louisiana from a physician who will be able to recommend it to you,” said Mills.

Before the bill goes to the governor’s desk, the Louisiana House will need to approve senate changes to the measure.