Louisiana State Police transfers troopers amid cadet injury reports

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An ongoing investigation into injuries to multiple State Police cadets during training last week has resulted in the reassignment of three employees responsible for training.

There’s been accusations that the injuries resulted from hazing, but State Police Colonel Kevin Reeves would not label the incidents as such. He did say the training went beyond “normal parameters.”

“I have full confidence in our training program here at the Louisiana State Police Academy, but that training process has to stay within the parameters and lesson plans that have been established,” said Reeves.

Reeves met with the cadets last night to apologize for the incidents.

The colonel says the training sessions that resulted in the incidents, including one cadet reportedly fracturing their arm, are an intense, and vital series of academy lessons.

“We are attempting to show our cadets how to properly use techniques that will save their life on the side of the road when dealing with a combative suspect, and take them into custody,” said Reeves.

The training involves learning how to handcuff, responding to physical altercations, grappling, and use of the baton.

Reeves says it’s one of the most physical periods of training, and so they’re used to seeing some injuries to cadets even when training remains within the normal parameters.

“Defensive tactics, that block of training is a physical block of training, and injuries during that block of training are not uncommon,” says Reeves.