Generational Gun Violence: Mayor Cantrell addresses New Orleans' gun crime affliction

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Photo credit Chris Miller

On Tuesday, Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced the Generational Gun Violence Reduction Plan.  The plan represents the year-long work by the Gun Violence Reduction Task Force to address the spiraling murder rate which has plagued New Orleans for nearly 50-years.  

“If we remain focused on making long-term, strategic investments in public health interventions that data shows are effective; if we improve our homicide clearance rate; and if we disrupt violence through intentional and sustained community engagement efforts, I know our city’s next 50 years will involve far less gun violence than our last 50 years,” Mayor Cantrell said in the report.

While Mayor Cantrell noted that homicides in New Orleans have decreased 30 percent from last year, “One is too many.”

Mayor Cantrell pointed to the city’s high murder rate, which has topped 145 every year since 1972 – and 90 percent of murder victims were killed by firearms.

The plan aims to meaningfully reduce the number of gun-related murders over the next 50 years. The report featured three core components in its approach:
  1.   The Gun Violence Prevention Collective (GVPC): fund and develop public health interventions, ensuring that programming is effectively delivered, and measuring the outcomes. The GVPC will use data and best practices to offer individuals likely to be involved in gun violence comprehensive preventative services.
  2.   Preventing Homicides by Solving Homicide Cases: Through solving more homicide cases, law enforcement can play a critical role in removing dangerous criminals from our communities, deterring would-be shooters and increasing community trust.
  3.   Community Engagement: Cure Violence New Orleans is the local arm of an international violence intervention program based out of Chicago. The program aims to prevent shootings by identifying situations where the likelihood of violence is high and engaging to de-escalate the situations before violence occurs.

Read the report in full:  The Generational Gun Violence Reduction Plan