Medicinal marijuana finally available in Louisiana today

It is finally happening today.  Medical marijuana is now available for Louisiana patients.  

Owner and pharmacist-in-charge of Willow Pharmacy in Madisonville, Darren Martin calls it an exciting time for patients in Louisiana as medical marijuana is now available.  

He explains how patients will be recommended for medical marijuana, similar to a prescription.

"They will totally evaluate the patient and then issue a recommendation," Martin explained.  "The patient will not receive the recommendation to hand deliver to the pharmacy or dispensary.  All recommendations must be faxed in directly to the pharmacy."    

Martin says right now medical marijuana will be available for a number of patients for a cost of anywhere from 100 to 180 dollars depending on what the doctor recommends.  The cost should eventually come down.   

"At this time medical marijuana will only be available in a tincture form, which means it's going to be in a liquid that is used under the tongue for absorption," Martin said.  

Other methods should be made available in the near future.