Jim Mora: More important for Saints to be rested than overly prepared


 There's not a lot of time to get ready for Atlanta.   Players are still sore from Sunday's game against Carolina.  

Former Saints head coach Jim Mora said it is more important to get players ready mentally, but physically get them as rested and fresh as you can for the game Thursday against the Falcons.  

"You're going to do your meeting time, maybe even more meeting time," Mora said.  "Your practices are not going to be lenghthy, they may even just be walk-throughs." 

Mora said his former strength and conditioning coach Russel Paternostro gave him some good advice. 

"He always used to tell me its more important to have the team rested than to have them overly prepared," Mora said.  "And the longer I've been away from coaching, the more I think he was right." 

The Saints battle the Falcons Thanksgiving night in Atlanta.