New Orleans icon Al Scramuzza on the mend from COVID-19


Al Scramuzza, the much beloved 92-year-old icon of New Orleans TV from a simpler time, is out of the hospital. 

Scramuzza, and his girlfriend, were previously hospitalized, suffering from COVID-19. 

After 16-days in the hospital, the always-smiling jokester has been moved to a rehabilitation facility on Thursday. 

Many New Orleans area TV viewers remember Scramuzza’s wacky commercials for Seafood City. 

The TV icon is also credited with bringing crawfish to the tables of many New Orleans natives, instead of just being something for outdoor boils in obscure bayous. 

Scramuzza dubbed himself the ‘King of Crawfish’ and the ‘Emperor of Crawfish’ for his hard work to make mudbugs a delicacy.