New Orleans offers COVID-19 guidelines for funeral homes

Photo credit studioportosabbia/Getty Images

The city of New Orleans has offered guidelines for funeral homes on handling preparation and burial of COVID-19 victims.

"The COVID-19 outbreak has created a tragedy within a tragedy: Compromising the way our residents prepare their deceased love ones to be laid to rest, and share in their grief the way we're accustomed to," said New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell. 

Cantrell created a death care task force to ensure a respectful process but also one that ensures safety for workers who handle the bodies and mourners alike.

The city says it will follow guidance from the CDC for safe handling of COVID-19-positive remains. These recommendations give guidance on the safe handling of human remains that may contain coronavirus. Officials say only personnel trained in handling infected human remains and wearing appropriate protective equipment should touch or move any COVID-19 infected remains.