New Orleans remembers Dr. John

Memorial events for Dr. John who died 2 weeks ago were held Saturday.  There was a four-hour public visitation at the Orpheum Theater Saturday morning. A private memorial followed until 3 p.m. 

Related: Scoot: R.I.P. Dr. John – the mystique of New Orleans personified Then, a huge crowd of admirers participated in a second line which began at the Orpheum at 3 pm.  

Memorial Second Line RouteSaturday, June 22, 3 PMStarts at The Orpheum Theater on Roosevelt Way Left on Canal Street Right on Basin Street Ends at St. Louis Street

At the New Orleans Council meeting Thursday,  Dr. John's bandleader Roland Guerin talked of the man that he not only worked with, but was his friend, that many simply knew as "Mac."

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"You know Mac was who he was, himself, his whole being was a gift to us," Guerin said.  "A lot of people talk about the great body of music that he left us and it's phenomenal, but he wrote it, all the lyrics in it, all the stories that he would always tell people."  

Guerin said when he wrote music if was from things in his everyday life that was happening here in New Orleans, good and bad. 

"It wouldn't take long for you to be surrounded by a really hip story, because he would just let it out with a childhood look on his face," Guerin said. 

Guerin said Dr. John truly lived the culture of the city and spoke it.  Guerin called it the grit and the gravy... and they both taste good.  

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