DDD: Businesses downtown face challenges in phase 2


As New Orleans prepares to move into Phase 2 on Saturday, many businesses downtown will face some challenges to reopen including operating on a reduced hospitality workforce.

Kurt Weigle President and CEO of the Downtown Development District says one major hurdle to overcome is convincing travelers to visit New Orleans once again.

“From our research at the D-D-D there are a lot of folks who are just not quite comfortable with that and somehow we have to manage through,” said Weigle.

He says getting hospitality and restaurant workers back to work will be important in brining tourism back to New Orleans.

Once businesses downtown begin to reopen, Weigle says many businesses will have to adapt to the new normal by providing more outdoor seating like parkettes.

“We think there may be even more opportunity in a few select locations across the city to maybe close a street here that has a lot of restaurants if you get an agreement form everyone on the street to in order to create more outdoor seating space,” said Weigle.