Chief: Violence involving evacuees leaves one dead, two in custody

As of 2:15pm:

"This appeared to involve all evacuees from the Lake Charles area as a result of Hurricane Laura," NOPD Superintendent of Police Shaun Ferguson said after gunfire left one person dead on Canal Street near St. Charles.

Furguson said that New Orleans will not tolerate gun violence on its streets.  

The words came at a press briefing as officers of the New Orleans Police and Louisiana State Police investigated.

The alleged shooter was captured seconds after the killing as police on foot heard the shots and moved in to make the arrest.

The Chief also said a second arrest was made after more shots were fired in the 500-block of Canal Street, a short distrance from the murder. 

"Our officers were able to apprehend at least two individuals right now as well as two-or-three weapons." Ferguson said. 


As of 1:15pm:

New Orleans police are working a mid-day shooting that happened downtown.

It happened Tuesday afternoon at the corner of St. Charles Avenue and Canal Street.

Police said the victim died, and the incident is being investigated as a homicide.

NOPD did not have any further details.