Nyx Captain will not resign over Social Post


The Captain and Co-Founder of the Krewe of Nyx, Julie Lea, responds to demands of resignation by 27 Nyx Lieutenants.

The group of krewe members sent a letter calling for Lea’s immediate resignation and a change of Board members after Lea sent a tweet with the hashtag #AllLiveMatter.

"We've felt ignored, mistreated and silenced by you for a while now, but for us--members of a krewe with such a large population of Black women--the used of the hashtag #AllLivesMatter along with the statement 'our souls are the same color' on official Nyx social media pages that are supposed to represent us, made us feel even more silence by you," the letter said addressed to Lea.

Lea’s attorney, Ronald Morrison Jr. sent a reply on her behalf. In the letter, he calls their resignation letter a "glaring example of a bullying tactic" and that Lea will not resign.

The letter goes on to say, "If you are unhappy with the Mystic Krewe of Nyx, please resign from you membership. Mrs. Lea wishes you the best in your future endeavors: however, the Board of Directors will not be ‘immediately’ replaced, and Mrs Lea will not succumb to your bullying demands for her to ‘immediately’ resign as the Captain of this organization.”

It continues with, “Please make no mistake, the Mystic Krewe of Nyx did not become the largest parading Krewe in New Orleans Mardi Gras due to an incompetent leadership team.”

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