One million masks provided to Louisiana schools

Photo credit Steven White/Getty Images

The Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and the Louisiana Department of Education have partnered to provide a million masks for schools.

State Education Superintendent Cade Brumley says that’s enough to provide one reusable mask for every school employee and student.

“Also we are supplying about 2,000 additional face coverings per school, and additionally three digital thermometers, so we just think this will go a long way,” says Brumley.

Physical classes in seven districts are set to begin later this week.

Brumley says the masks will be washable and durable.

“Yea these are quality masks and we are thankful that we have been able to make this partnership. If schools are out there and they have not yet received this PPE equipment they can make contact with their local office,” says Brumley.

The masks will be distributed to public, charter, and non-public schools.

Brumley says there’s no doubt there will be additional, costly expenses like providing additional PPE throughout the semester, but it must be done.

“Look, there is nothing more important than keeping our kids and our employees safe but at the same time we have to find a way to provide an education,” says Brumley.

Anyone entering a Louisiana school campus during the fall semester will be required to wear a mask.