New Orleans City Council mobilizes to implement parcel fees

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Photo credit Getty Images - JWLouisiana

The New Orleans City Council took the first step Thursday to create the groundwork through which the city will implement a new revenue stream for the fiscally challenged municipality.  

By a unanimous vote the council will create a task force, made up of each member of the council and a representative from the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer with subcommittees to be formed for each member.  

Nonprofit organizations currently holding tax exempt status will be represented by the appointees, this includes social clubs, fraternities, travel and tourism promoting organizations, universities, churches, religious affiliates, museums, schools, hospitals, labor organizations, mardi-gras and social aid and pleasure clubs and philanthropic organizations.   

Councilmember Kristen Gisleson Palmer clearly stated "The task force is not charged to discuss whether-or-not, but how to do it.  I want the public to be very clear, the intent of this is to make sure that they give recommendations on how to do it.  Because we cannot afford not to do this."  

There are roughly 4400 properties in the City of New Orleans that enjoy tax exempt status even though some are used for commercial purposes not related to the nonprofit organizations activities.  

The task force will set policies and structure on how the fees will implemented.  

All meetings will be open to the public.