Parlez Francais: St. Tammany parents want French immersion program

S’il Vous Plait: Could take place at Covington Elementary
Photo credit Getty_Images_Natalie

As back-to-school efforts continue to spool up across the region, so is a plan among parents in St. Tammany Parish to bring a French language immersion program to kids. 

The program looked like it was going to take place for a kindergarten class at Covington Elementary School, but the idea was cancelled with just two weeks before school is scheduled to start. 

According to the Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate parents are now starting up a petition drive to bring French immersion to kids. 

Among those parents who want French immersion is Anne Ogden.  She told the paper the school district told her not enough parents signed a waiver dealing with school attendance and not being able to ride a school bus to Covington to take the program. 

"They sent out this form that said please return this," Ogden said. "It didn't say that you have to return it. ... They just didn't tell anybody that they had to return it or (school officials) weren't going to start the program. We finally got a letter two weeks before school started."

The district responded they were not able nail down the number of commitments needed enroll children in French immersion. 

But the parents are not taking this lying down, they are starting a petition drive to get signatures of parents and commitments by students to start the French immersion class in both kindergarten and first grade.

School districts are required to offer French or Spanish immersion programs is at least 25 parents per grade petition them. 

Parents have until the end of January to submit the petitions.