Pelicans fall to hot shooting Kings 140-125


The Sacramento Kings scored 49 points in the first quarter and shot 48 percent from the three-point line as they secured a 140-125 win against the Pelicans.

Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry was able to easily recall the last time he’d seen a shooting performance like that.

“I did just two nights ago against the Clippers,” he said.

Los Angeles matched a franchise shooting record in the Saturday night win against New Orleans. 

Gentry said his team has to get better defensively. 

“You just can’t give up a 49-point quarter, and you can’t give up a 40-point quarter in the third quarter,” he said. “Our defense has to be better from the standpoint of following game plans and then just the overall effort as far as you’re talking about. We’ve just got to be into the ball a lot more, not a little bit more, and we’ve got to be much more active defensively.”

Kings starters Bogdan Bogdanovic and De’Aaron Fox combined for 65 points and Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday said the team will have to lock in in order to improve its play on the defensive end.

“Just be able to be disappointed when somebody scores on you,” Holiday said. “Sometimes that might be hard because you’re giving all of your effort on defense and leaving it out there, and offensively shots aren’t falling and plays that we usually make, we weren’t making.

“We’ve just got to lock in. This game is hard. It’s tough to play, but you’ve got to do it.”

The Pelicans will look to quickly bounce back as New Orleans faces the Washington Wizards Friday night at 7 p.m.