Plane belly lands at Houma-Terrebonne Airport

Pilot: Landing gear collapsed on touchdown
Photo credit Houma Fire Department

Tense moments earlier this morning at Houma-Terrebonne Airport when the landing gear of a twin engine plane failed and the craft belly landed on the runway. 

The crash happened just before 9am. 

The pilot attempted to make a normal landing when the landing gear failed and collapsed without warning.

The pilot was able to maintain control to keep the aircraft on the runway.

No injuries were reported by either the pilot or the passenger, according to the Houma Fire Department.

No fuel or hazardous material has reportedly leaked from the aircraft.

Fire Department and airport staff stood by as the FAA investigation and maintenance personnel moved in to remove the aircraft from the runway.

The airport was immediately closed to all fixed wing aircraft, while rotary wing aircraft were permitted to continue operations remaining clear of the crash site.

In a press release Houma Fire Department stated the pilot did an excellent job handling the aircraft during the emergency.