Popular Halloween costumes; Referees and Addams Family

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Photo credit vadimguzhva-Getty

We are just 3 weeks away from Halloween and costume shop owners say grab your outfit early before the most popular options fly off the shelves.  DeeDee Daniels of Humbug Costumes in Kenner says a popular costume this year goes back to the NFC Title game.

“If they are looking for something easy, then it’s definitely referees, supporting the Saints right along with it,” said Daniels.

Sarah Mackell with Southern Costume in New Orleans says kids have been flocking to the store inspired by recent films.  Pokemon has been one of the most popular alongside the Addams family, according to Mackell.

“They are coming out with that new movie, so that’s bringing it to younger children, bringing it more to there attention, like my daughter is seven and she wants to be Wednesday Addams,” said Mackell.

Mackell says if you really want to stand out and make a statement at your next Halloween party, ditch the bag costume, figure out who you want to be, and custom build your own outfit.

“Use your imagination and find different pieces and have it come all together, but definitely you need to know what you want to be,” said Mackell.