Proposed New Orleans Mardi Gras changes would affect portable toilet use

Are Mardi Gras parades too long? Changes to New Orleans' Mardi Gras ordinance may be coming.

One proposal is to limit the number of marching clubs and other auxiliary units.  While the city wants parades to be entertaining, they also don't want them going on and on and on.

"And if you're on a day when they're three or four parades, and you're the last guy on the last float, there's nobody there to throw to," said Mardi Gras Guide publisher Arthur Hardy.

Hardy says the city also wants parade riders to stop throwing entire bags of plastic beads, because those bags are a problem when it comes to cleanup, and often end up in storm drains.

But one proposal from the Cantrell administration that some people may not like is a rule that would prohibit the parking of certain vehicles within two blocks of a parade route -- including campers, which some parade-goers use to provide nearby bathroom access, and pickup trucks or flatbeds with portable toilets in them.

"And that's going to cause some interesting issues for people after years of renting a pickup truck and putting a toilet on it," said Hardy.

The city council hasn't yet scheduled a vote on the proposed changes.