Rep. Scalise: Democrats politicize COVID-19 relief

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House Republican Whip Steve Scalise bashed Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats for what he calls politicizing COVID-19 relief bills.

Rep. Scalise made his comments Monday on Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends. Scalise says democratic leaders are inflating COVID-19 relief bills with what he sees as unrelated provisions.

“It shows you where they really want to go. Our focus has always been on helping people get back on their feet and helping schools and businesses safely reopen. What [Democrats> are talking about, I mean, over $1 trillion now they want to use to bail out states that were failing before COVID. You're talking about mailing ballots, election ballots to people illegally on voter rolls. What does that have to do with COVID, first of all? But it really shows you their priorities. And so, a very big difference between the sides. We really can be doing a lot of things.”

He says democratic leaders are using the COVID-19 relief bills to push their agenda through the Senate.

"Well, it's blatantly political by the Democrats. And you saw them block, again, on the Senate floor the ability just to bring up a bill for debate because they want to squeeze that leverage as tight as possible on working families who are struggling. People are sick and tired of those kinds of games. You know, if you have differences on a bill and it's up there for debate in the Senate, then bring up the bill and debate it. That's, I thought, what the Senate was there to do, was to debate legislation. And instead, Chuck Schumer continues to block every piece of legislation while just adding up the price of any kind of bill that he wants to bring to bail out failed states, to do all of these things that have nothing to do with COVID.”

He also blames Democrats for not doing enough with the money already provided in the CARES Act.

"And by the way, there's over $500 billion of existing money that we already spent in the CARES Act that hasn't been spent that can be more flexibly used. For example, for states to help schools reopen safely. Buying supplies, like masks and hand sanitizer, to help small businesses get back on their feet, to help people that are struggling. All of that is still unspent money. Why do they need to add another $3 trillion of debt to do all of these things that have nothing to do with COVID?"